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Our mission

We Provide the Best Services

EU Venue Finders has been created with the purpose of helping organisations to find suitable venues and hotel rooms for their events.
As a fully independent service provider, we work closely with all venues and hotels, worldwide.
Total Projects Completed since 2016
What we offer

How we work ?

We help you save TIME

Finding the best hotels for accommodating your groups or selecting the best congress centre for your annual event can take a lot of time.

We take care of that. On your behalf we contact potential venues and suppliers and come back to your with a detailed venue selection within 72 hours.

Time saved means you can focus on other aspects of your event such as the content, programme, and logistics.

We help you save ENERGY

Contacting venues and hotels, collecting offers, comparing prices and services between different suppliers is energy consuming.

To help you save energy and make a quick and effective decision, EU Venue Finders prepare precise proposals gathering at least 3 different offers with pictures for you to choose from.

We help you save MONEY

By negotiating prices and conditions on your behalf, EU Venue Finders save you money. The offers we collect for you are negotiated and we always request the best rates.

As the number of events we book is important, we have a higher power of negotiation among venues and hotels. We don’t charge agency fees to our clients as we are remunerated with a percentage of commission hotels or venues grant us once your event is over.

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