How does EU Venue Finders help EU affairs professionnals ?

EU Venue Finders has been created with the purpose of helping organisations to find suitable venues and hotel rooms for their events.

EU organisations can rely on the free service that EU Venue Finders provide, whether it is for events taking place in Brussels or in any other European city.

From a small workshop to a large annual conference, EUVF will target the most convenient hotels and venues and will take care of collecting offers and dealing with the suppliers.

What are the benefits of working with EU Venue Finders ?

We save you TIME :
Finding the best hotels for accommodating your groups or selecting the best meeting room for your workshop can take a lot of time. Once we receive your request, within 72 hours, we come back to you with a selection of available places.  As a fully independant service provider, we don’t have special partnership with any hotel or hotel chain in order to be able to offer you the best choice according to your needs and budgets.

We save you ENERGY:
Collecting the offers, comparing prices and services between different hotels and venues takes a lot of energy. In order to help to save and to make a quick and effective choice, EU Venue Finders prepares you precise proposals gathering 5 different hotel offers. No bad surprises…

We save you MONEY:
By negotiating on your behalf prices and conditions with the property you select. EU Venue Finders guarantees to offer you the best deals for FREE : we don’t charge you with agency fees.

As a fully independent service provider, we work closely with all Brussels hotels. As we bring them regular clients, you can be sure that we’ll get you excellent rates or at least rates as good as those you would get by yourself.

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