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Are you looking for a venue for your next annual conference ? 

Finding a conference venue can take you a lot of time and energy : selecting the destination that will host the annual conference, searching for a good conference hotel or conference centre, looking for a venue for the gala dinner, comparing offers and services, negotiating the terms and conditions of the contract, etc. : this process is really time-consuming.

We would be happy to assist you in this matter, with the advantage that it will be free of charge for your organisation. We know a lot of conference hotels and congress centres all over Europe that could suit your needs .

Simply tell us what are the requirements of the conference and we will take care of the rest. Within 72 hours, we will send you a comprehensive summary with negotiated prices and conditions. Then, the only thing we ask you to do is to inform us which property will have the chance to host your next conference.  We will negotiate only what you need and will revert to you with a ready-to-sign contract.

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    Photo credits: Jan Kruml, Czech Republic